“I have met Thea Alexander, and I have read 2150 A.D. Both were pivotal experiences in my life. The effects are not only immediate and immediately useful, but are deeply significant in the largest possible perspective — one’s view of human history and human potential in the present and for the future. Much more than a novel, 2150 A.D. is a revelation. Once you grasp her basic statement, Thea Alexander will affect how you use a toothpick, or build a bridge, or design a future civilization. In 2150 A.D., Thea Alexander unabashedly uses the novel form to convey a concept of great magnitude, in such a way as to make it immediately useful. Don’t confuse this book with any other science fiction, or any other “Self-help” book; there is nothing else like it.”

Theodore Sturgeon - science fiction author and Star Trek screenwriter

“I’ve always ranked 2150 A.D. up there with Bach’s Illusions and Hesse’s Siddhartha. It has touched hundreds of thousands of lives and inspired thinking people from all walks of life to join in the labor of building a better world. Its message is simple and clear. The future is in our hands and in our hearts.”

Adam Niswander - author of The Shaman Series

“This book is a treasure! Thea Alexander’s novel, 2150 A.D. is one of my favorite gifts for friends and acquaintances.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer - author of Your Erroneous Zones

“Thea Alexander’s amazing novel, 2150 A.D., will cause you to re-examine every idea you ever had about who you are and why you are here, as it gives you the wisdom and the insight to build a better today for yourself and a better tomorrow for everyone. Anything I say can’t begin to touch the wonder of what Thea Alexander’s work has brought to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”

Mark Victor Hansen - co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul books

“Thea Alexander’s breathtaking vision, her startling clarity, and the deep wisdom of her insights into the human condition, have acted as a beacon for me and for a quarter century of other seekers. Her gift to us is incalculable, for she has drawn a map to our Grandest Tomorrow. Her words have become a song of the soul for all who seek a Newer World.”

Neal Donald Walsch - author of Conversations with God

2150 A.D. was one of the first books to crack my head open spiritually. It created a door to a place that my soul is longing for, and every time I re-read the book, I feel that I go back there.”

Marianne Williamson - author of Return to Love

“Thea Alexander’s 2150 A.D. will be one of the most important reading experiences of your life.”

Jack Canfield - co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul books

2150 A.D. is a magnetic attractor to bring forth from us actual practices and processes to manifest the next stage of human evolution now. Thea Alexander has tapped into the future of humanity, and brought that future present into our midst. Her vision of Macro consciousness is now becoming spiritual/social reality for millions of evolving humans. 2150 A.D. can serve as an actual handbook for the pioneering souls of the Third Millennium.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard - President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

“Here’s one Utopian scheme that might actually work — a daring and provocative vision.”

Robert Silverberg - Winner of multiple Hugo and Nebula awards

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