Last night I awakened in another time—in another place—in another body! I was lying in the middle of a small grassy clearing beneath a sky of azure blue. My bare body tingled. What beautiful freedom! I jumped to my feet and ran on and on with no sense of tiring. Tears of joy blurred my vision as I realized that I had both my legs again. The leg I had lost four years ago in Vietnam was mine again. I was whole, perfect, unscarred. Was I dreaming? I ran along a path and suddenly before me stood a radiantly real woman. "I've waited a long time for you, Jon Lake," she said. “I’m Lea." In answer to my unspoken thoughts, she explained, "There are two Jon Lakes. One of them is asleep in 1976 time; the other is standing here with me, in what you would think of as 2150 A.D., occupying the body you're so pleased with—your astral or soul body. It houses the unique electronic essence that is you." "May I stay here or must I go back to my old crippled body?” "You must always awaken in 1976 unless you free yourself by attaining a high level of Macro awareness—an awareness of the oneness of all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be…”