The Macro Society Community Church (“The Macro Society”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We rely on tax-deductible donations for funding. All gifts are deeply appreciated and allow for current and future projects to promote Macro Philosophy.


Donation Levels:

$5+ Alphar Gift
$25+ Betar Gift
$100+ Deltar Gift
$1,000+ Gammar Gift

Macro Society Legacy Donations
We appreciate all individuals who are open to providing for the future of the Macro Society in their estate plans. Planned gifts of any size are welcome.

Wish List of Macro Society projects in need of funding: 

Macro Conference 

Much loved and enjoyed in past years, we hope to resume our annual conferences, and perhaps host international events.

Macro Knowledge Library

This library will preserve past audio/video recordings and written materials of Macro philosophers, and produce new, educational videos. Updated versions of the Macro Study series booklets will be made available.


An online database of Macro Philosophy, using the Wikipedia model.

Online Macro Webinars, Events, and Courses 

Video conferencing now allows The Macro Society to connect members worldwide. Production and editing facilities are needed, to develop content for these activities, as well as for the library.

Macro Society Documentary 

Tentatively entitled, “Macrocosm – The Measure of a Mind’s Evolution,” this film would give a history of the Macro Society – including its impact on readers, teachers, and artists – and explore new avenues of growth.

Macro Immersion Tour 

A live, multimedia performance traversing the Macro Learning Curve of Macro and Micro evolution along the m-M Continuum. Expanding our awareness can be fun.  This tour will travel the globe, sharing Macro philosophy in a festive, entertaining and illuminating way, using music, speech, and stimulating visual imagery.

Macrospshere – The Macro Lifestyle Project

Located on the grounds of the Macro Society’s Ministerial Retreat, this project is designed to cultivate a new model of community, spirituality and sustainability. The goal is to show how participants can achieve their full potential through Macro concepts. The first Macrosphere might be an experimental “Alpha” — the smallest Macro Society living space — composed of 10 people (5 men and 5 women) as described in 2150 A.D.

Macro Community

An intentional community to serve as a model for future Macro Village communities, linking together over time to form the future Macro Society.

Macro Mates 

Mate: (noun) a. A spouse or romantic partner  b. A good friend or companion.

This will be a Macro Society website that will help members meet, and find Macro love and friendship via on-line introductions and interaction.