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Tell us how 2150 A.D. has affected your life — or share your vision of the future. We’d like to know about your personal experiences and spiritual journey. Maybe there are activities and projects you would like the Macro Society to undertake — what are your thoughts?


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  1. SkipStein

    I was just trying to check in to see how Thea is doing? We met at a weekend retreat in Houston back around 1976 or so. Darn if I can recall the exact year but around that time I believe. It left a lasting impression on me for sure! Now I’m a 76 year old fart but still remember that weekend. I’d love to relay my best wishes to her and hope she is well.

    Skip Stein
    Winter Haven, Florida

    • Don Alexander

      Thank you for your kind wishes, Skip — and apologies for this very belated reply. I will see to it that Thea gets your message! Take care, – Don (Alexander)

  2. photon58

    Hi, first read 2150 at age 18 (1976) when I was enlisted in the USAF. Actually, it was one book passed around by about 40 guys. Nobody knew where it came from, it was just “hey, you should read this and tell me what you think”. The book made quite an impact on some, somewhat of an impact on others. Those that didnt like it quite frankly gave me the creeps anyway. As life moved on for me, I realized that my concept of life, death, awareness had been affected. It seemed that I was open to the vast (unending) macrocosm. At the very least, because of the way it was written in 2150, I was at least becoming more and more aware. Every time I would come upon the book in a bookstore, I would buy it and give it to somebody else to read. I would say Ive bought 20 or so books and have given them all away over time to people I thought would help. One cold Kentucky winters day,, I went looking for one of my copies of 2150 and found I didnt have one because I had given them all away. Luckily, I was able to buy the last paperback amazon had. This book is a treasure to me.
    I wish for the person who may read this note to personally thank Thea for having the courage and determination to produce this guide, masquerading as a story. Also, wish her a happy birthday (though it is now 2022) I hope she is in good health. Sincerely, GP Ryan

  3. Simply_Sara

    I found the novel 2150 AD shortly after I’d read Star Wars, the Original back in the summer of 1978, I was 13 years old.
    I fell in love however, I was much too young to follow my dreams, my family much too domineering and tyrannical to allow me the freedom to dream – so naturally – I followed the only path available to an abused, Heyokë child living outside of a Lakota Sioux family… I found myself in combat arms in the US Army and addicted to hard drugs by age 21

    I was born an unambiguous present, intersex child, my parents raised me as a boy and when my breasts began to develop in puberty, my father insisted they be excised by bi-lateral gynocomastia
    With my intersex birth came precognative clairvoyance ability

    I’m just now, at 57 years of age, learning to trust it rather than allow Psychiatrists to shock and medicate it out of me

    I chose to transition back towards femininity in 2014

    I’m so much happier and at peace now

    Clean for 30 years

    I hope one day to make my Pilgrimage to Tempe

    I’m having issues learning to Astral Travel… If anyone REAL can be of help, please message me at

    Thank you

    Blessed Be do what thou wilt and harm no one

  4. Swooper

    Hi! I’m wondering if anyone is here & active? It seems the last entry here was Feb 9, 2016! What’s happening, folks?

  5. Don Alexander

    Big thanks to Cindy Summers for site development, and getting the project up in time for Thea’s birthday celebration!

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