Faces-cover-sm2150 A. D.  (Revised Edition)

By: Thea Alexander

2150 A.D. is a “Future-fiction” novel based on the journal of Jon Lake, a Vietnam veteran studying for his doctorate in social psychology. When Jon is awake, he lives in 1976. When he sleeps, Jon enters the future world of 2150, populated by citizens of the Macro Society. Everyone there is able to communicate telepathically, levitate, move matter with their minds, remember past lives, and use other such Macro powers.

Because of Jon’s experience and advanced life view, he is able to live — at least temporarily —  a second existence in 2150 where he meets his twin soul, Lea Nine, and his soul mate, Carol Three.

The book delves into concepts of Macro Philosophy such as individual responsibility and self-limitation, reincarnation, karma, twin souls, as well as micro and Macro ideals and how they apply to Jon’s life. The values you live with today in our micro Society, and the values of the Macro Society of 2150, cause you to wonder where your values fit in!


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